Special events

​Whether it be a new club, nature walk, charity or conservation event, photography, reptile rental, phobia session or any in between, we can meet any request. 

We are constantly adapting new ways to entertain and educate the public about the captive care of reptiles amphibians and invertebrates.


Please  contact us  for details.

(Charity and conservation events will not be charged)

Fetes  & Fairs 

Nova exotics is available to hire throughout spring and summer for any fete or fair that wishes to add a wild twist to there venue. We offer animal handling, photographs, information on the captive care of reptiles, amphibians & invertebrates & much more.


There is no hire charge for this service as we only charge a fee of £3.00 per person wishing to handle any of our extensive collection of reptiles. 

Parties & events

Give everyone something to remember by adding a reptile encounter to your venue or event. Nova Exotics has the widest range of reptile events and services in the UK, ranging from Birthday parties & Fetes to Photography & film/ advertisement reptile rental. All events and service can be adapted to suit any customers needs. 

Reptile rescue & re-home

​We have our own reptile rescue unit with the latest humidity chambers, heater units and supplements as well as 24 hour assistance from our local reptile vet. All reptiles brought to us will be treated to the highest standard before having a thorough health check from the vets, then sent for re-homing. If you have a reptile in need of re-homing please contact us to arrange a pick up. We are available to contact 24/7.

Phobia sessions

​The fear of reptiles (Herpetophobia) is really a combination of phobias, most commonly snakes (Ophidiophobia), lizards (scoliodentosaurophobia) & spiders (Arachnophobia)these are fears that almost everyone has had at some point in there lives. 

At Nova exotics we provide sessions designed to slowly build your confidence to interact with a variety of reptiles of your choice.

Phobia sessions can be adapted to any clients needs but are usually set up into 4 stages:

Diagnosis, Assessment, ​Visual treatment and Contact.


Please contact us for details.

One our session  £60

Two our session  £100

Three hour session £150

These prices include travel cost to all areas in and around Wiltshire. additional costs of 50p per mile will be incurred for all locations outside of Wiltshire.

Birthday parties 

​Why go to the zoo on your birthday when we can bring the zoo to you?

Nova exotics provides parties that all your friends and family will talk about for years to come. Choose your favourite snakes, lizards & invertebrates from our collection to come and visit you at your party. We cater for all age groups from 4 to 17 and even adults. All reptiles can be handled & touched, We also have a selection of sheds and moults of our collection as well as exclusive Nova exotics key chains, hats, pens, posters, and more. 


​One hour session            £70.00

Two hour session           £130.00

Three hour session        £150.00