​Nova exotics is a one of a kind education and entertainment service specializing in herpetology (the care and study of reptiles amphibians and invertebrates). We provide hobbyist's and the general public with an up close look at the  more exotic side of the pet trade.

With over a decade of experience in reptile care we aim to help better educate the public about the proper care of reptiles amphibians and invertebrates.  In addition we also provide schools and colleges with a fun learning experience which follows the school curriculum. We teach everything from basic biology to advanced genetics and taxonomy. 

Name: Emma Bridges

Position: Assistant manager

Experience: 12 years

Specialising in: Boa constrictors, colubrids, and gecko's

Bio: My name is Emma Bridges. I have been working with animals of all kinds from a very young age. I became talented at dog training and enjoyed working with pit bulls and rottweiler's due to there bad reputation to show people that no animal is aggressive but mearly defensive. When I started college to gain my BTEC diploma in animal care and C&G advanced national certificate in animal care, I became intrigued by the reptile trade and found it's reputation to also be tarnished by "so called" aggression. During my 10 years of working with reptiles I have never once been bitten. and i share my partners passion of helping to educate the public about the proper care and welfare of exotic animals.

About us

Name: Brad Mckee

Position: Manager

Experience: 15 years

Specialising in: DWA (dangerous wild animals), large constrictors, arboreal reptiles and tegus

Bio: My name is Brad Mckee, and from a very young age I have been interested in reptiles and the field of herpetology. I pursued this fascination through school and then went on to college to achieved a BTEC diploma in animal care and soon after an advanced herpetology diploma level 3. I have worked with reptiles for over 15 years including 6 years DWA (dangerous wild animal) experience. Throughout this time I have kept and bred many species of reptile ranging from crested geckos to eyelash vipers. I enjoy teaching and helping others in this field herpetology and will continue to learn as it develops.