Welcome to Nova Exotics. An education & entertainment service focusing on herpetology & animal biology. With over 15 years reptile trade experience and some of the most sought after reptiles available in our collection, we believe that we can offer a fun, educational experience like no other for children and adults of all ages. We provide school presentations, parties, fete's, clubs, phobia sessions and many other events with our ever growing collection of reptiles amphibians & invertebrates.

Nova Exotics in Devizes

Meet our newest members! Delta. The Green Iguana, Kaiju. The spiny tail iguana and Rainbow dash. The Mediterranean spur thigh tortoise. All have settled in well and are now ready to take part in events this summer. 

Our custom built vivarium's are Finally finished and the reptiles are loving them! We now have a Huge 8ft X 4ft X 2ft vivarium for a new iguana Delta and Drogon. 2 8ft X 2ft X 2ft vivarium's for Drake and the 3 boa's, 3 4ft X 2ft X 2ft vivarium's for our royal pythons, Spiny tail iguana and the Crested Geckos, a 4ft X 4ft X 2ft arboreal vivarium's for our growing collection of Carpet pythons and now a 4ft long tortoise table for our new Mediterranean spur. All vivarium's are fitted with 70 watt spot lights, new ceramic heaters and microclimate thermostats. both Iguana enclosures have T5 Arcadia tropical UVA/B bulbs. and our tortoise table is using a Zoo med 130 watt SunGlo.